C-Shaped Premium Multi-Position Contoured Body Pillow Review

When you’re pregnant, getting a good night’s sleep sometimes feels like a luxury. But you deserve to wake up feeling refreshed and happy every morning, especially as you go through the later stages of your pregnancy.

Getting enough sleep and, more importantly, high quality sleep is essential for the growth and development of your baby, as well as for your own mental and physical wellbeing. With the C-shaped Premium Multi-Position Contoured Body Pillow, you are guaranteed to have a restful night of sleep that will give you more energy and make you feel happier.

The C-Shaped Body Pillow is particularly helpful for those pregnant women who struggle to find a comfortable position when they sleep. With this pillow, you can sleep on either side or on your back, any position is equally as comfy. The pillow is very soft and plush which makes it perfect for cuddling and not having to worry about the discomfort of your partner.

The unique design and shape perfectly supports the back and tummy, two areas which feels an increase in pressure during pregnancy. Using a body pillow during the duration of your pregnancy significantly reduces the strain on other prominent areas of the body, such as the shoulders, hips and knees. You’ll wake up with noticeably less aches and pains and will feel as though you have been sleeping on a cloud.

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  • Unique C-shape
  • Two contoured ‘legs’
  • Removable cover
  • Easily adjustable

The most notable aspect of the C-Shaped Multi Position Contoured Body Pillow is that is conforms to the natural shape and contours of your body. The inner contour of the longest section follows the curvature of your spine, fitting to give your back full support, so you no longer have to wake up with excruciating back pain.

The pillow also has two contoured ‘legs’ which play different roles in adding extra comfort for a good nights sleep. The top section curves flawlessly beneath your head in order to support the neck and relieve any strain that comes with regular lumpy pillows, which are often not at the right level for sleeping. It also helps to relieve nasal congestion and chest pains since the tension is being taken off your shoulders and chest.

To support your belly, the top section can also be adjusted and pulled down and tucked underneath your body, giving your growing belly the support it needs. Alternatively, the lower section curves through your knees, and again up to the belly to give support. You’ll feel as though you are in a nest and totally comforted knowing your body is fully supported and cared for.

With the pillow between your knees, it also helps to regulate body temperature, so you’ll be less likely to feel too hot in bed. It aligns your hips and reduces the strain on the joints, which is particularly good for preventing restless leg syndrome, something many women experience during pregnancy.

The C-Shaped Multi-Position Contoured Pillow also helps to prevent a wide range of other health problems, such as sciatica pain, heartburn, carpal tunnel and much more, allowing you to get the best quality of sleep for you.

If you find it difficult to sleep on your side, then your can use this pillow to sleep on your back too. It is very adjustable, so you will still get enough support for your neck and legs to prevent any unwanted and annoying pain whilst sleeping.

The casing of the pillow is very easy to remove via the zippered pillowcase which runs down the outside. Washing the cover and keeping it clean is simple and very little hassle.

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At the moment, this pillow only costs $55.99 which makes it excellent value for money. You are getting a pillow that relieves so many pregnancy associated problems, such as back pain, on which many women will spend hundreds of dollars trying to have corrected through private practitioners.

Save yourself both time and money, which would otherwise be wasted having massages or seeing a chiropractor, by investing in a pregnancy pillow. You’ll receive ultimate comfort and the assurance of a full and restful nights sleep throughout the rest of your pregnancy.

Furthermore, the pillow itself does not lose its shape the more you use it, so you won’t have to waste money buying a new one every few months. The filling is extremely durable and retains is supportive qualities so you can even use it throughout multiple pregnancies if you wish so.


A pregnancy pillow significantly improves the quality of sleep in pregnant women and many continue to use it after they have given birth. This enables them to get some much needed sleep so they have enough energy during the day. Owning a pregnancy pillow is essential, especially during the third trimester as it provides such a high level of comfort and support and the C-Shaped Multi-Position Contoured Body Pillow is perfect.


  • The contoured ‘legs’ provide total body support to the spine, neck, hips and belly, relieving any pain and ensuring quality sleep.
  • It is extremely durable so you can use it for an extended period of time and throughout multiple pregnancies.


  • The pillow is very large to accommodate the entire body, so may take up a lot of space within the bed.
  • There have been some reports from women that after washing the actual pillow (not the casing) it releases a slightly unpleasant smell.

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