Leachco Snoogle Chic Total Body Pillow Review

Another fantastic product from Leachco, the best manufacturer of maternity pillows, who is dedicated to providing comfort and relief for pregnant women. The Snoogle Chic Total Body Pillow is virtually the same as the Snoogle Total Body Pillow, with the exception of a wonderfully soft knit cover for enhanced comfort, and still offers you the assurance of a good night’s sleep.

The Snoogle Chic provides total body comfort and is often recommended by chiropractors to ease neck and back pain, so this pillow is not always necessarily used just by pregnant women.

Surprisingly, sleeping can often be the worst thing for your body and your joints, especially if you aren’t sleeping in the correct position. The Snoogle Chic ensures that expecting mothers are sleeping in a correct position, which is beneficial to their body and their baby. By helping women to find and sleep in the most comfortable position for them, the Snoogle Chic improves their mood, ensuring a stress free pregnancy.

Using a total body pillow for sleeping, such as the Snoogle Chic, gives some much needed support to your hips, back and tummy, both during and after pregnancy. It is extremely common for a women’s legs, hips and back to stiffen as they progress through pregnancy. This is due to the natural changes occurring in their body and is also the reason for the need to use a specially designed body pillow to ease any discomfort.

Whatever position you like to sleep in, the unique C-shape allows you to do so. It is one pillow which takes the place of five, eliminating the hassle of readjusting and moving pillows around during the night. With the Snoogle Chic, you get the guarantee of a good night’s sleep. You will feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning, naturally have more energy and therefore you will feel ready for the day.

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  • Unique C-shape
  • Extra long mid-section
  • Curved top and bottom
  • Zipped knit cover

The unique C-shape design of the Snoogle Chic allows for you to sleep in multiple positions. The pillow follows the natural contours and shape of your body so that sleeping is easy and stress-free. Due to the flexibility of the pillow, it can be specifically moulded to your body shape and further adjusted as your body changes and grows throughout your pregnancy.

Like the Snoogle Total Body Pillow, the Snoogle Chic has an extra long mid-section, which makes it perfect for use by both taller and shorter women. This section supports the back comfortably, preventing lower back pain and is extremely useful if you have sciatica problems. The bottom curved end of the pillow can be pulled up through the knees so that it tucks under the tummy and cradles it, stopping any unnecessary stretching. The pillow can easily be arranged to suit any body length and shape, so dimensions are not a problem.

The curved top and bottom sections of the pillow are designed to make you even more comfortable whilst sleeping. Both ends curl around to suit a purpose. The top fits around the shoulders, correctly supporting the head and the neck, aiding in breathing and preventing heartburn. The bottom end fits snugly between the knees to help to control your body temperature, which is extremely important factor in getting a good night’s sleep. It also helps to align your hips and spine into a neutral position, making you more comfortable and reducing any back pain you may be experiencing.

The main difference to the original Snoogle Total Body Pillow is the jersey knit cover, which is not only soft, it “increases snuggle factor” according to most women. Made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester jersey, you’d be hard pressed to find a softer pillow cover.

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The Snoogle Chic only costs $65.84. Considering the Snoogle Total Body Pillow is only a few dollars less at $57.95, for the slightly higher price, you can the benefit of receiving a plush, soft cover too.

A versatile pillow, it can be used for a variety of uses. As well as using it whilst you are pregnant, you can continue using it after you have given birth, perhaps for sleeping or to provide support whilst nursing. It would even be useful to take into the labour room with you to provide comfort and relieve discomfort and stress.

As the Snoogle Chic is so flexible, you could curl the pillow round into a swirl and use it as a backrest, or lay it flat on the floor as a foot rest. Alternatively, try wrapping the pillow around your body to provide total upper body support whilst you’re sitting on the sofa.


Virtually the same as the Snoogle Total Body Pillow, except with the addition of a wonderfully soft cover, you still get the high standard of quality that Leachco offers. Not only will you have a more restful night’s sleep, you will certainly experience an improved sense of well-being. The Snoogle Chic Total Body Pillow has been a life-saver for many expecting women, all who can ascertain an improvement in the quality of their sleep.


  • More lightweight that the original Snoogle, it can be easily moved around the home to provide support whilst relaxing, or for use after pregnancy whilst nursing.
  • By supports  both the head, neck and aligning the hips with the spine, the pillow relieves pain in some of the most painful areas of your body.


  • Depending on how you use the pillow, it can be difficult to get the right amount of support to all areas of your body.
  • Rolling over during the night can be very tricky, especially if you also want to roll the pillow over too.

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